Company Results Presentations - IASSA MEMBERS ONLY - FREE CPD

Company Results Presentations - IASSA MEMBERS ONLY - FREE CPD

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Earn CPD Points for Attending Company Results Presentations - 1 CPD hour / presentation.

IASSA are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer CPD credits for company results presentations for FREE to IAS Members for the 2019-2020 CPD Cycle (ends 31 May 2020).

To register, please follow these steps, noting the 2 separate platforms (e-commerce / e-learning).

 Your username / email address is the one IASSA has on record: 

  • You will be asked to register on this e-commerce platform (IASSA CPD HUB) @ checkout.
    • Registration is FREE and you will return here to select other CPD packages
  • After registration to this “package” you will receive an activation email from YOUR CPD HUB
    • YOUR CPD HUB is the e-learning platform where you to complete your CPD.
  • Before you can access the online CPD you must fill out your ID number
    • ID validate the CPD certificates
  • After completing the online assessment, you will be issued a PDF certificate
    • These are also stored on your e-learning dashboard (YOUR CPD HUB).

Company results presentations will be available on YOUR CPD HUB (e-learning platform) 24-48 hours after the event, allowing for content to be uploaded. You will receive an email each time a new presentation becomes available, reminding you to return to YOUR CPD HUB.

1 verifiable CPD hour per presentation -  Issued by SAIFM.

Any queries, please contact The CPD HUB’s support specialists HERE